Collecting Workers Compensation? 4 Things You Should Remember When Going Back To Work

If you've been injured in a work-related injury, and you've been collecting workers compensation, the time will come when the case is resolved. When that happens, you'll either be placed on permanent disability, or you'll be cleared to return to work once you've healed from your injuries. When that happens, you'll need to know how to avoid problems with your return. Here are three steps you should take when it's time to go back to work after a work-related injury. Read More 

Getting Help From A Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Being in a car accident can be frightening and potentially devastating, but the damage can be even worse in a motorcycle accident. That is generally because motorcycles provide less protection than cars, trucks, and SUVs, so the injuries are often more severe. If you have been in this type of collision, it may be time for you to reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney who can take a look at the facts of your case. Read More 

On The Road Again: Are You Covered?

There are certain careers that demand travel, and it may be more common to be on the road than at a desk. Whether your job includes occasional or constant travel, you can still turn to workers' comp to cover your medical expenses and more when an accident happens. There are certain key things to know about work-related business travel injuries, so read on to learn more. Away from the plant or campus Read More 

How To Disinherit A Family Member Or Spouse From Your Will

When planning out an estate, most people have a good idea as to who they plan to will an inheritance to. Having all of this information spelled out in your will can help prevent any issues once you pass away. However, there are sometimes when a person wants to change a will to disinherit someone. You are allowed to do this at any point, but it can be a bit difficult in certain familial situations, particularly your immediate relatives. Read More 

Tips For Hiring A Fugitive Recovery Agent After Someone Has Failed To Appear

You may understandably feel a little nervous helping someone you know secure bail to get out of jail after an arrest. If this is the first time that you're going through this process, the bail bonds agency will work patiently with you to help you feel informed and empowered. Ideally, the arrestee will show appreciation for your help and stay on the straight and narrow until his or her court date — however, there's also a chance that this person will fail to appear and leave you on the hook financially. Read More