Reasons That You Need A Real Estate Attorney When You’Re Going Through A Divorce

When you and your spouse are divorcing, each of you will commonly want to hire a divorce attorney. This isn't the only legal representation that you should have in your corner, however. If you currently own a home together and will be selling it, hiring a real estate attorney will be a smart decision. This is especially true if you've already learned that your spouse has hired his or her own real estate attorney. Many attorneys who focus on this topic are skilled and experienced with helping people in your shoes and will be an asset for you at this difficult time. Here are some reasons to hire an attorney.

To Help Decide What's Fair

As you and your spouse move forward with attempting to sell your home during a divorce, you want the sale to be fair. Unfortunately, there are a number of scenarios that may challenge the fairness of the situation. For example, if you stayed at home with your children while your spouse made the bulk of the mortgage payments, he or she may feel more of an owner of the home than you are. This can be unfair to you, given that you've played an important role in running and upkeeping the house. A real estate attorney will represent your interests and ensure that the outcome is fair.

To Help With Communication

It may be difficult for you and your spouse to communicate calmly during a divorce, especially when you're discussing the sale of your house and the tens of thousands of dollars that are at stake. If you find that each conversation about the house turns into an argument that gets nowhere, an attorney will be an asset. You can express your thoughts to your attorney while your spouse can do the same with his or her attorney, and the two legal professionals can communicate.

To Keep Your Agent Neutral

There may be times that a real estate agent in a divorce situation shows preference to one spouse over another. This can lead him or her to make decisions that aren't balanced, and this can be difficult for you to argue against. With a real estate attorney in your corner, you can count on this legal expert to ensure that your agent is behaving appropriately and remaining neutral. Consult a law firm that specializes in real estate law if you find yourself starting the divorce process and know that you'll soon be attempting to sell your house.