Have A Truck Accident? Signs You Need An Attorney

When you operate heavy machinery and drive a truck on the regular, getting into an accident can be more devastating than if you were to have a wreck in a normal vehicle. If you're on the clock, a truck accident can be particularly stressful for you because you have several legalities to deal with. Whether you are an independent contractor working with a trucking company, an employee of a trucking business, or an owner of your own trucking business, if you get into a wreck, you might need a truck accident lawyer. Read More 

Two DWI Defenses That Don’t Work and Two That Will

After pulling over a driver for suspected DWI, the police often hear an assortment of excuses for why. The police have heard them all and there are two defenses in particular that never work. Instead, you will need to speak with a DWI defense attorney about defenses that actually will work. 1. I Got Drunk off Something Else   One of the oldest excuses is to blame mouthwash. While it's true that mouthwash contains alcohol, most Americans don't use mouthwash, and those who do are unlikely to use it throughout the day enough to trick a breathalyzer. Read More 

Benefits Of Criminal Record Expungement

When you're arrested, it becomes part of the public record. Whether you're arrested for a DUI, public intoxication, robbery, or assault, your arrest becomes public so that anyone can find out that you've been arrested before. In some instances, you can even have criminal record expungement if you've been convicted of a crime. Criminal record expungement removes information about your arrest from the public record, offering many benefits to you. These are just a few of the benefits record expungement brings and why you might want to arrange criminal record expungement if you've been arrested. Read More 

Helpful Tips To Remember When Working With A Medical Negligence Attorney

When you go to the doctor's office or hospital for medical care, you probably count on the doctors, nurses, and other staff members there to do the best that they can to provide you with proper care. After all, each move that these professionals make can have an impact on you. However, medical negligence is a problem, and it happens more often than you might think. Medical negligence can cause devastating injuries or illnesses and can cause unnecessary suffering. Read More 

Rules About Credit Card Use Before Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are in the process of evaluating Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might be tempted to use your credit cards to make purchases right now. By using your credit cards now, you may think you can buy some things you want without having to repay them due to the discharge you'll receive in bankruptcy. Doing this is never a good idea, though. Bankruptcy has clear rules about credit cards, and here are a few things to understand. Read More