Top Things Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Need To Know About Your Financial Situation

If you're prepared to file bankruptcy, then you should know that you will need to be totally honest and open about your financial situation with your bankruptcy lawyer. These are a few examples of the different things that your bankruptcy lawyer will need to know about your financial situation. Be prepared to answer these questions and more when talking to your lawyer so that they will be properly prepared to assist you with your bankruptcy case. Read More 

Essential Child Custody Attorney Roles During Divorce

Separating spouses understand the anguish that comes with divorce proceedings. Apart from the stress involved, divorce proceedings may also expose intimate marital details as each side attempts to blame the other. As such, it is easy to see how children are neglected during the divorce process. Separating spouses must schedule court preparation, negotiations, and attendance, leaving no time for children. Children may feel ignored since the divorce processes consume their parent's time, attention, and money. Read More 

Services Provided By Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Car injuries and damage may qualify you for compensation. Conversely, an accident can expose you to liability suits by other parties. Maneuvering through the legal process can be challenging and often confusing. Engaging a vehicle accident lawyer helps you by minimizing the risks and maximizing a positive outcome. Below are the major services and benefits of hiring a vehicle accident lawyer.  Providing Legal Counsel A vehicle accident lawyer understands both the law and the automobile industry. Read More 

Why A Landlord May Be Liable For Injuries Caused By A Tenant’s Dog

In most cases, a tenant is solely responsible for the injuries their dog may cause to other people. However, there are a few cases in which the landlord may also be liable for the same; for example, the landlord may be liable for the injuries if: They Knew That the Animal Was Dangerous Dog bite statutes vary by state. In some jurisdictions, you may be able to hold a landlord liable for an injury caused by a tenant's pet if you can prove that the landlord not only knew about the animal's propensity for an attack but also that the landlord could have removed the animal from the premises but failed to do so. Read More 

2 Pieces of Information to Give Your Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you have been injured through a medical provider's negligence, you may have a case to sue them for your injuries. The only way for you to find out if you have a case is to go to an attorney working in medical malpractice law. They will be able to talk to you, evaluate your case, and tell you what they think they can do for you. If you are going to do that, you need to make sure that you have as much information and documentation to give to the attorney as possible. Read More