2 Pieces of Information to Give Your Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you have been injured through a medical provider's negligence, you may have a case to sue them for your injuries. The only way for you to find out if you have a case is to go to an attorney working in medical malpractice law. They will be able to talk to you, evaluate your case, and tell you what they think they can do for you. If you are going to do that, you need to make sure that you have as much information and documentation to give to the attorney as possible. Read More 

4 Strategies Your DUI Attorney Can Use

Building a defense strategy against a DUI charge can be difficult. Whether you are guilty of the offense or not does not matter: you deserve a defense team to represent you. Your team will build a strategy to protect your rights, no matter why you are facing these accusations. What kind of approach to your DUI will your attorney utilize? These are some of the options they may consider. Investigates Your Arrest Read More 

What Are The Consequences Of A Cash-Strapped Employer Not Paying Wages Owed?

When businesses are struggling to pay their bills and meet other obligations, they may consider laying off staff or even close their doors temporarily or permanently. However, for the work that you have performed, you will still be entitled to compensation for your wages. Unfortunately, some employers simply choose to stop paying their bills entirely, including salaries, and other benefits owed to you. What Are Common Ways That Employers Don't Pay? Read More 

Social Security Disability Law: Working Through The Appeals Process

Filing for long-term Social Security Disability benefits can be an exhaustively frustrating process. In fact, most Social Security Disability claims will be unsuccessful the first and even second time you file. A Social Security Disability law attorney can help you successfully navigate the appeals process to help you get the benefits you need. Reconsideration The first time you receive a denial letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you'll have 60 days to appeal the decision. Read More 

How Are Medical Bills Paid When You’re Injured In An Auto Accident?

If you were injured while involved in a car accident, you'll immediately start racking up some major medical bills that you shouldn't have to pay for. However, it is still going to be your responsibility to pay for those bills until any settlement is made with the responsible driver. Here is what you need to know about paying off those bills from your personal injury. Do You Use Health Insurance? Read More