Are You Liable For Accidents With A Car You Do Not Own?

When you sell a car, you likely assume that you will not have anything more to do with it once you sign it over to its new owner. Unfortunately, you could face some legal liability if the new owner of the car gets into an accident. This is upsetting and seems unfair, but it can happen. Here are some things you should know about the possibility of being held responsible for an accident with a car you no longer own. Read More 

As You Pursue Your Motorcycle Accident Case, Be Aware Of These Factors

When you get into an accident on your motorcycle, injuries are often substantial. It is not at all unusual for the cost of your medical treatment to exceed the limits of the other driver's insurance policy or even your own. As such, your best way to collect compensation for the damages you've suffered is often to file a personal injury claim against the other driver or their insurance company. But whether or not your claim is successful depends on a number of factors, the most prominent of which are discussed below. Read More 

What You Can Do If You Are Caught With Drugs And Charged With Possession

You may wonder what you can and should do if you have recently been caught with drugs in your car or on your person and have been charged with drug possession or you are worried about this happening to you at some point in the future. There are many steps you can and should take when faced with this scenario. Get to know some of these steps and then you will be better prepared to handle the situation if it ever impacts you. Read More 

Understanding Mitigation Of Medical Damages

Car accidents don't always result in injuries. Some accidents are so minor that the occupants walk away with a bruise or two thanks to advances in safety like airbags and stronger vehicles. People still get badly hurt every day in car accidents though, unfortunately. When they do, mitigating the damage is important in more than one way. Read on to learn more. What Is Damage Mitigation? To mitigate is to lessen the effects of something, and accident victims owe it to themselves and others to take action that makes their injures better and not worse. Read More 

A Few Bankruptcy Bumps Along The Way

It's safe to say that the vast majority of all bankruptcy cases proceed from filing to the final discharge with nary a hiccup. It might be helpful, though, for filers to understand what might happen if certain circumstances are met. If any of the below situations occur, you can expect it to take a bit longer for your case to be resolved. Read on to find out more about adversarial situations. Read More