Planning a Missouri Wedding? What Should You Know About Serving Your Guests Alcohol?

If you're planning your own wedding (or a loved one's nuptials), you may be taken aback at the high bar service rates charged by many venues. While purchasing beer and wine directly from a wholesaler and serving it yourself can be a good way to cut wedding costs, doing so without the proper licenses and permits could land you in deep trouble on your special day. Read on to learn more about obtaining a temporary liquor license in Missouri and what you'll need to do to ensure the bar service at your wedding is safe and legal. Read More 

Three Things That Can Make Your DWI/DUI Charges Worse

Being charged with a DWI is bad enough. However, there are certain elements that can worsen your legal situation if they are present in your case. Here are three things that can aggravate a DWI charge and may lead to harsher punishments and penalties. Causing an Accident Being involved in an accident while under the influence of drugs and alcohol is one sure way of being hit with aggravated DWI charges. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Getting A DUI Expunged In California

Many Californians with a DUI on their record just want a fresh start. It may have been your first conviction, and you're worried about how it will impact your personal and professional life. Getting a conviction expunged is one way to start anew. But before you jump in and begin the paperwork, there are a few things to consider. Here's what you need to know about getting a DUI expunged in California. Read More 

Car Crash Settlement Cases: Exterior Accessories & Receiving Compensation

When your car is damaged in a crash, you will likely seek compensation for the value of the car. Along with the amount for the actual vehicle, there may have been a lot of money and resources spent on a number of different items and accessories. As you seek a settlement for a car accident, it's important to cover all of the extra items that may have gotten damaged on the exterior of the vehicle. Read More 

What Are Your Options If You’re Criminally Charged For A Peaceful Protest?

If you've recently taken part in one of the many large-scale demonstrations sweeping the country during the height of election season, you may have been shocked to have been detained or even placed under arrest for your peaceful occupation or marching. What are your legal rights when it comes to peaceful protest, and do you have any options if you feel your rights have been violated? What if you can't afford an attorney? Read More