What You Need To Know If Someone Is Injured On Your Property

When someone is injured on your property, you may not know what to expect. When are you responsible for their injuries, and what if the person was trespassing? If someone has been injured on your property, check out these five important facts. You Need to Ensure Your Property Is Safe You have some responsibility to keep your property in a condition that isn't a deathtrap for visitors, but just because someone is injured, doesn't automatically mean you're responsible. Read More 

Tired Of Having A Criminal Record? Try Getting It Expunged

If you did some stupid things when you were younger and ended up with criminal convictions, these records might be causing problems with your life. Now that you are an adult and have grown up, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to clear up your criminal past. The good news is you might be able to get the convictions expunged. If you can successfully do this, you will no longer have these records following you wherever you go. Read More 

Divorcing & The Holidays: Five Ways To Cope & Celebrate

The holidays are supposed to be full of celebration and stress-free moments. When a big life event like a divorce gets in the way, you may find it hard to celebrate like you used to. Instead of ruining your winter celebrations of holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, there are ways to cope and celebrate without negativity. The following five coping methods can help you in your personal holiday celebrations along with the proceedings you have with a divorce attorney. Read More 

How It All Adds Up - Understanding How Other Payments Affect Your Social Security Disability Payment

If you have applied for Social Security disability, you may have calculated how much extra income you will have in your household. Unfortunately, your calculations may not be correct. Payments that you may be receiving from certain other sources may result in your benefit being reduced. The good news is if the income is from private sources, it may not affect your benefit at all. Understanding which payment is what will give you a better chance of correctly calculating how much income you will have coming in. Read More 

Recovering Compensation For Damages Related To Involuntary Admission To A Psychiatric Facility

A person who is psychologically sound being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility seems like the plot to a horror novel. Unfortunately, this is something that happens in real life and more often than you would think. If you were put in a mental health facility against your will because of someone's negligence or misuse of the law, here's what you need to know about suing for compensation for damages related to the incident. Read More