What To Consider Before Moving Out Of The Marital Home

The dissolution of a marriage is a highly-emotional experience promoting everything from anger to sadness. For the average person dealing with these experiences, avoiding their partner at all cost seems like the route to go. If you're someone in this category, make sure you aren't rushing to move out of the marital home without thinking it through as this action can come with many consequences. Alimony There is a common falsehood that alimony has everything to do with income. Read More 

Pushing For VA Compensation After Denial

The Veterans Affairs (VA) disability system is a challenge to many veterans. Like any other major, legally-binding compensation system run by the government, there is a significant burned of proof placed on the claimant that can be difficult to file alone. If your claim has been denied, it's nowhere close to being the end of the issue; even the VA knows that many claims need either enhanced evidence or a closer look. Read More 

Understanding What To Do If You Lose Your Job And Cannot Pay Child Support

If you had a good paying job when your divorce was finalized and you were ordered to pay a good deal of money in child support, then you may not be able to make your payments if you suddenly find yourself unemployed. If you find yourself in this position, then you may want to pay less in support. This is understandable and you may be able to reduce the payments, so keep reading to understand how to go through the support reduction process without making mistakes. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Ending Your Lawsuit At Mediation

Being involved in a legal dispute can be challenging. You may be faced with a great deal of uncertainty during this time, and this can contribute to a great deal of emotional turmoil. The good news is you will have a chance to settle your case at mediation. This is the time you will meet with your opponent and a mediator to work to negotiate a deal that will help end the disagreement. Read More 

Your Guide to Social Security Disability When Your New Baby Was Born Very Early

If you hear about supplemental social security income, or SSI, and you think of your parents or grandparents getting a monthly payment after retiring, you may be surprised to learn that those benefits are often available to other persons as well. For instance, if your son or daughter was born much too early and is currently in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which may be known as the NICU, he or she might be eligible for similar payments for a brief period of time. Read More