Starting A New Business? Three Ways An Employment Attorney Can Help You

If you are looking to start your own business and plan on hiring employees, there are many reasons why you should consider utilizing the services offered by an employment attorney. Many people believe that an employment attorney only helps those who may file a lawsuit against their employer, but this is not the case. An employment attorney can also help business owners. Here are three ways that an employment attorney can help you as you seek to start your new business. Read More 

Facing Charges Of Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure is a crime in which an individual exposes their genitals to somebody who does not consent to see them, often for sexual gratification. Many states take the crime of indecent exposure seriously, even as a misdemeanor offense. In some states, it is required that the individual perform the act in the hopes of achieving sexual gratification, so urination or a college prank may not apply to the law. Of course, each state is different, so you need to consult with an attorney to understand the legal ramifications. Read More 

How To Give Your Disability Case Its Best Chance Of Success

When injury or illness makes it impossible to work a normal job, social security disability insurance (SSDI) is here to help you stay on your feet -- at least, in theory. In practice, disability cases can sometimes be lengthy and difficult to see to a successful conclusion. If you plan to apply for disability, then it is important to understand both the process you will face and the requirements that you must meet. Read More 

A Guide to Grandparents’ Rights Cases

You often hear about custody and visitation disputes, but may not have given much consideration to another area of family law -- grandparent's rights. There are many situations in which a grandparent might have a legal basis to see visitation or custody of a grandchild. As with any other area of family law, these sorts of matters and the rights of the grandparent vary state by state.  If you think you have a grandparent's rights situation on your hands and want to handle things in a way that serves you best, read on. Read More 

Did A Bad Fall On A Business Sidewalk Leave You Out Of Work? Get A Lawyer Fast

Any commercial property owner that has a business in an area where the climate brings icy conditions and snow should maintain their property properly. If you were going into a store, place of business, or another location and you slipped and were badly injured, call a lawyer. When medical bills and missed time at work or other complications are putting strains on your life, you need legal help. Here are some of the things that you will want to get together so your lawyer can accurately examine the case. Read More