How A Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Help You If You Bought A Faulty Product

While most businesses do their best to make sure their products are safe and in proper working order, sometimes mistakes happen during the production process.

If you have purchased a product that is defective or even caused injury, you most likely want to return it to the company you bought it from or that made it for a refund. If that company refuses to refund you or even denies responsibility for a manufacturing defect that caused injury, then you might have a case to sue.

Your first step is to contact a civil litigation lawyer to help you with your case. Here are some ways a civil litigation lawyer can help you if you bought a faulty product.

They Will Advise You On Whether You Have Grounds To Sue

It might seem like you have a case to sue the company if you purchased a faulty product or one that caused injuries, but that isn't always the case. There could be several reasons why the product failed or you were injured while using it. It could be due to user error or even damage that occurred at the store that sold it or even damage caused when shipping to your home.

A civil litigation lawyer can advise you on whether or not you have a case to sue the company responsible for manufacturing a product that is faulty. They will look over the information you give them, including taking a look at the product itself to see if it's a manufacturing issue or something that occurred at the store level.

They can look into whether or not there are prior lawsuits against the company for the same or a similar product that caused injury or had defects. They will use this information to decide whether or not you have a case to sue.

They Can Negotiate A Settlement

It can be time-consuming and expensive to head to court to get compensation for a faulty product, and there is no guarantee you will win the case. In some cases, class action lawsuits might be in play, meaning your own lawsuit could be dismissed or you could be added to that lawsuit instead.

A civil litigation lawyer might advise taking a different approach, and instead of suing, they might encourage you to negotiate a deal for a settlement with the other party. In many cases, companies would rather work toward a settlement out of court than take the case to a judge as it costs them time and money.

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