Vital Reasons To Put A Skilled Car Accident Injury Lawyer On Retainer

When you get hurt in a wreck, you might initially be prepared to use your own health insurance and pay for your own medical bills on your own. After the stress of the accident, it may never occur to you to make a claim against the motorist who actually caused the wreck.

However, it can be imperative for you to avoid taking the blame and paying for your own wreck-related expenses. Instead, you may benefit more from contacting and retaining an experienced car accident injury lawyer to represent you after a wreck.

Avoiding Financial Losses

If you were to pay for your own medical bills, you might lose hundreds or thousands of dollars. Your health insurance may not pay for your injuries and defer costs to your auto insurer. However, your auto insurance policy may not cover your medical bills, especially if you have liability-only coverage.

Fortunately, when you have a car accident injury lawyer on retainer, you may avoid having to make a claim against your own insurance and losing money you cannot afford for medical bills. Your car accident injury lawyer can file claims against the auto insurance policy the responsible motorist holds. These claims can pay for most or all of your wreck-related medical expenses and allow you to keep more of your money.

Putting a Price on Your Injuries

Further, an experienced car accident injury lawyer knows your injuries have a monetary value under the personal injury laws in your state. Using these laws, your car accident injury lawyer can determine how much money to sue for if the responsible motorist deflects blame and refuses to compensate you. 

Your car accident injury lawyer can file a lawsuit in court and pursue the full monetary amount at which your injuries are valued. They can petition the court to award you a full judgment so you can recoup money that you are legally entitled to as a victim in your state.

Considering a Settlement

Finally, your car accident injury lawyer can consider a settlement if the responsible motorist does not want to risk a costly judgment. They can negotiate with the motorist's insurer to agree on a fair amount to compensate you for your injuries. They could also spare you from having to endure a lengthy court trial.

Your car accident injury lawyer can offer numerous helpful services. They spare you from the financial loss that comes from paying your own medical expenses. Your attorney can also file a lawsuit or consider a fair settlement on your behalf.