Can You Take Legal Action When Your Car Is Damaged By Debris?

When your car crashes into debris, the amount of damage done to your car can be substantial, and you might even become injured as a result. You might wonder where the debris came from and who might be responsible for the accident. You may need a car accident attorney to identify where the debris came from and who is responsible.

Accidents Caused by Debris

There are two ways that debris can cause you to become injured in an accident. The debris might be large enough to penetrate your windshield and injure you. The debris might also cause you to lose control of your car and crash.

Liability for Accidents Involving Debris

Whether or not you can take legal action over debris hitting your windshield depends on exactly what happened. For example, if a car kicks a rock onto your windshield, you will not be able to take legal action because there is no way for a driver to prevent this type of incident.

In other cases, the debris might be the result of loose cargo. An individual may have strapped cargo to their vehicle and it may fall and hit your car. In some cases, commercial vehicles are overloaded and their loads are not properly secured. This can lead to debris falling from the vehicle and hitting nearby cars. 

A driver is responsible for securing their vehicle and can be held responsible for the damages that result. However, you will need to act quickly to find out who the driver was. You may need to write down their license plate or give a description of the car if the driver is not aware that their cargo fell.

How to Take Legal Action

Unfortunately, the individual responsible for the fallen debris is often never identified. However, if that individual is identified, you will be able to take legal action against them by filing a claim with their insurance provider. By doing this, you will be able to negotiate a settlement that can pay for the damages done to your car. If you are injured, you may also be entitled to medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If the debris is the result of poorly maintained roads, you might be forced to take legal action against the government agency that is responsible for maintaining these roads. Fortunately, a car accident attorney will be able to assist you, regardless of who is liable for your accident.

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