On The Road Again: Are You Covered?

There are certain careers that demand travel, and it may be more common to be on the road than at a desk. Whether your job includes occasional or constant travel, you can still turn to workers' comp to cover your medical expenses and more when an accident happens. There are certain key things to know about work-related business travel injuries, so read on to learn more.

Away from the plant or campus

You don't need to book a hotel room to enjoy workers' comp coverage away from the actual work site. If your work requires you to be out and about to do your job, you are covered. For example, real estate agents are in almost constant motion, so a slip and fall on the steps of that home you're showing would be covered under workers' comp.

Perhaps your employer requires you take part in a seminar on the other side of town. If you get hurt while at that training class, conference, client meeting, or seminar, you are likely covered. Your reason for being off-campus must be work-related, though. If you stop by the gym on the way back to work and get hurt, it's on the gym and not your employer to provide help.

You are driving, riding or flying for work

Business trips are covered completely, from the moment you step out of your home to board that Uber ride till you return; and everything in between. For example, if you are attacked and robbed outside of your hotel room after returning from dinner, you are probably covered. Be sure to let your supervisor know about the accident or illness as soon as you can, since a claim form must be filed with the workers' comp insurance carrier.

One important exception to the door-to-door coverage outlined above should be noted. If you add a little "me time" onto your business trip and stay a few extra days away from work for personal pleasure, you will not be covered. Once you are on vacation, whether it's an official one or not, you will not have workers' comp to back you up. Say you get hurt while hiking the day after your conference ended; you will likely not be covered.

Take action

To help ensure you get coverage:

  1. contact your supervisor immediately
  2. seek medical care and keep all records of all expenses

If you are being denied your lawful workers' comp benefits due to a technicality, speak to a workers' comp attorney right away. Contact a firm like Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S. to get started.