3 Advantages Of Mediation During A Divorce

The process of getting a divorce is never easy. To make matters worse, the problems that inevitably arise when two spouses part ways is usually complicated by litigation. Lawyers, judges, and the subsequent rulings involved in litigation often breed further resentment and feelings of injustice for both parties. This is just one of the reasons why divorce mediation has become a popular alternative for couples who are looking to go through a divorce. Continue reading for just three of the biggest advantages that mediation has over more traditional, litigious options. 

Developing Customized Solutions

While divorces may share similarities, every divorce carries with it unique problems and circumstances. Litigation often ignores these aspects in favor of a more generalized approach, which may leave individuals unsatisfied with the outcomes. On the other hand, many people are drawn to mediation for the virtually unlimited number of customizable solutions it offers. Whether your priority is retaining equity investments, spending time with your children, or something else entirely, professional mediators can work with you to reach an agreeable conclusion that matches everyone's specific needs.

Maintaining Amicable Relationships

Litigious divorces are not known for encouraging amicable negotiations. Unfortunately, the disputes that arise as a result of these legal tactics can often spill over into the personal lives of the people around you. Many people you are close with, such as family and friends, may feel forced to choose a side in the divorce, which can set the tone for negotiations going forward. Fortunately, mediation offers another path forward. It encourages the two people involved in the divorce to work out their disagreements in a cooperative, rather than hostile fashion.

Saving Time and Money

Another huge benefit of mediation is that it is usually far more efficient, both in terms of time and money, than litigation is. Going to court over a disagreement that arises during the divorce proceedings almost always prolongs the impending separation. While some situations are outliers that dictate litigation as a matter of necessity, most divorces can be completed much more quickly and affordably through mediation. If you and your partner have decided to get a divorce because of irreconcilable differences but still feel that you can enter into negotiations in good faith, then mediation may be a far better solution than turning to a divorce attorney to handle things on your behalf. 

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