Essential Child Custody Attorney Roles During Divorce

Separating spouses understand the anguish that comes with divorce proceedings. Apart from the stress involved, divorce proceedings may also expose intimate marital details as each side attempts to blame the other. As such, it is easy to see how children are neglected during the divorce process. Separating spouses must schedule court preparation, negotiations, and attendance, leaving no time for children. Children may feel ignored since the divorce processes consume their parent's time, attention, and money. Spouses should consequently hire a child custody attorney to ensure that, while the couple focuses on their separation, the children's interests are taken into account. A child custody attorney assists spouses throughout court proceedings by protecting the children's interests in the following ways:

Prioritize the Children's Rights and Interests

The main benefit of hiring a qualified child custody attorney is that the spouses will have a knowledgeable professional protecting their children's best interests. While divorce proceedings are tense, emotional, and personal, having an experienced child custody attorney guarantees that the parties are not caught up in the divorce and custody battle to the point of neglecting the children. As such, a child custody attorney guarantees that separating spouses follow all rules that safeguard children during the divorce process.

Determine the Amount Payable in Child Support

Every state has its set of family law statutes that govern child support payments. Divorcing couples should seek the advice of an experienced child custody attorney to determine the appropriate amount to be paid. A child custody attorney is familiar with the components that affect the child support amount payable, such as the couple's income, total costs to care for all children, the children's ages, and the custodial time between the parents. Thus, hiring a child custody attorney safeguards children's interests by negotiating a suitable financial support arrangement.

Determine Parental and Custodial Rights

When a couple decides to divorce, the question of who gets custody of the children arises. In rare situations, the parents may agree on a custody agreement beneficial to the children and the parents. A child custody attorney can create a complete parental plan that consists of all of the agreed-upon elements between the spouses. However, if the parents cannot agree, a family court must decide on the children's custody. Therefore, in child custody hearings, a child custody attorney represents either party seeking custody. The child custody attorney can demonstrate that one party is the best fit to raise the children.

To learn more, talk with your local child custody attorney.