4 Strategies Your DUI Attorney Can Use

Building a defense strategy against a DUI charge can be difficult. Whether you are guilty of the offense or not does not matter: you deserve a defense team to represent you. Your team will build a strategy to protect your rights, no matter why you are facing these accusations.

What kind of approach to your DUI will your attorney utilize? These are some of the options they may consider.

Investigates Your Arrest

The first thing a DUI attorney will do is examine the events surrounding your DUI arrest. They will go over any footage of the arrest as well as documentation, looking for signs that something that occurred during your arrest may not have been completely legal. They look for any infringement on your rights that could lead to charges being dropped completely.

Determines Flaws in Chemical Testing

Next, the attorney will look for any flaws in the way you were tested for alcohol intoxication. Chemical tests have a reputation for not being the most dependable tests, and it is important for your attorney to go over your testimony and documentation to ensure that the tests were performed correctly and that nothing untoward happened that could make the results of a chemical test useless in court.

Failure to Prove You Were Driving

You may also be able to build enough doubt to point to the idea that you were not actually driving. For example, you may have been sleeping in the backseat of your car when your vehicle was approached in a parking lot. Your DUI attorney may demonstrate that there was no evidence you were behind the wheel and that you had no intention of doing anything illegal.


In some cases, you may not have enough evidence to refute all the claims against you. If the case against you is too strong, they will work hard to whittle away at the charges and help you get the best result possible. This could be the difference between spending years in prison and losing your license or having an ignition interlock device in your car with probation.

Consult with a DUI Attorney Today

A DUI attorney is suited to help you through the challenges that come with your case. You do not have to do this alone. You can have a strong representative on your side. Reach out to a local law firm to learn more about your legal options.