Have A Truck Accident? Signs You Need An Attorney

When you operate heavy machinery and drive a truck on the regular, getting into an accident can be more devastating than if you were to have a wreck in a normal vehicle. If you're on the clock, a truck accident can be particularly stressful for you because you have several legalities to deal with.

Whether you are an independent contractor working with a trucking company, an employee of a trucking business, or an owner of your own trucking business, if you get into a wreck, you might need a truck accident lawyer. This is a lawyer who is specially trained in the field of trucking accidents and the repercussions that can happen because of them. You need to hire a truck accident attorney if you have any of the following concerns after your wreck.

Another party has hired a lawyer

Did another party involved in the accident hire a lawyer? If so, then you want to hire one for yourself so you have your own legal representation. If you get sued or taken to court for legal issues or broken laws, you want to have the right legal representation to combat the issues that come your way. If you're getting phone calls from any lawyer, do not answer them until you have your own truck accident lawyer to represent you. Never admit fault or provide any information about your truck accident unless your attorney tells you to.

You are facing legal penalties

A trucking accident that may or may not involve drugs or alcohol can be a more serious accident than one that does not. A truck accident that results in physical damages to people, property, or roadways should also be of concern because they can lead to legal penalties. If you're worried about losing your job, if you might be arrested or sent to jail, if you have a court date coming up, or if you are at risk of facing other serious legal penalties as a result of your truck accident, get a truck accident lawyer to represent you.

A truck accident lawyer understands the laws of your state best and will be able to help you gain an understanding of what you're facing. Many of the issues you're facing can be common and can even be settled out of court if you have the right legal representation. Your lawyer will assist you in creating a timeline and game plan to help you overcome your legal situation and handle whatever comes your way.

For more information, contact a truck accident lawyer.