Did A Bad Fall On A Business Sidewalk Leave You Out Of Work? Get A Lawyer Fast

Any commercial property owner that has a business in an area where the climate brings icy conditions and snow should maintain their property properly. If you were going into a store, place of business, or another location and you slipped and were badly injured, call a lawyer. When medical bills and missed time at work or other complications are putting strains on your life, you need legal help.

Here are some of the things that you will want to get together so your lawyer can accurately examine the case.

Video Footage of the Accident

Most commercial properties today have some type of surveillance system or are close enough to other types of buildings and businesses that have cameras. You can request a file of the incident so that you can use it if you need it in court. You also may need your lawyer to request it with a court order if the business doesn't want to provide it for you.

Pictures of the Property

Pictures to show that the grounds were icy, slippery, or snow-covered are important, especially if you aren't able to get video files. Save the photos electronically and then print some pictures out for your lawyer to show the area where the injury occurred and that it wasn't properly maintained.

Injury Images and Details

Take photos of your injuries. Get a diagnosis in writing from a medical professional of the type of injuries you have. You also want details about potential lifetime problems related to the incident, the time it could take to recovery, therapy, or treatments you might need and more. Pictures provide a graphic image that can impact the case.

Costs of the Accident Outside of Injuries

The medical bills aren't the only bills that come with a slip and fall accident. Wages missed from work, paying people to do things that you can't do on your own, and other conveniences come with a cost. Make an outline with all the additional costs you have had because of this accident.

If you were badly injured because you slipped and fell on a commercial property sidewalk or stairs and you can show and prove that the property was neglected, call an attorney. The legal professional will be able to evaluate all of your evidence and information and then explain if you have a case that you should pursue or not.

For more tips on how to get the best chance at winning your slip-and-fall case, speak to a law firm such as Randall A. Wolff & Associates, Ltd.