Car Crash Settlement Cases: Exterior Accessories & Receiving Compensation

When your car is damaged in a crash, you will likely seek compensation for the value of the car. Along with the amount for the actual vehicle, there may have been a lot of money and resources spent on a number of different items and accessories. As you seek a settlement for a car accident, it's important to cover all of the extra items that may have gotten damaged on the exterior of the vehicle. By receiving compensation for these items, you can ensure that you can fully replace them when you get a new vehicle. Hiring the services of an automobile accident attorney is the best way to move forward with the case and get the compensation that you seek. The following items can all be included on your case and reading through the list can help you gather evidence and details.

Car Racks

A number of vehicles have racks installed for carrying items like boats, bikes, and other recreational equipment. During a severe car accident, those racks may become damaged and unusable again. Once you have a new vehicle, you can get pricing estimates on the new racks that you need to purchase. Along with the actual price of the rack, you may seek compensation for any installation costs that you may be charged. A lawyer may have you gather printed receipts and estimates to help collect evidence for your settlement.

Along with the rack, your vehicle may have been holding items on the vehicle during the time of the accident. If this is the case, then you may seek compensation for these damaged items as well. For example, you may have had a bike mounted to the car. During the accident, the bike could have easily fallen off or become damaged. This property can also be included in the settlement case.

Trailer Hitches

Towing items is a great way to travel. The most ideal way of doing this is with a trailer hitch. These hitches can be used to tow boat trailers, storage trailers, or recreational equipment like RVs. When purchasing a trailer hitch, a lot of money is invested into the devices. Trailer hitches can end up costing hundreds of dollars when installed on different types of vehicles. Some of the more expensive hitches include receiver ball hitches. Just like car racks, trailer hitches may need to be professionally installed. A lot of the hitches need to get welded right to the vehicle to provide support for pulling items. A lawyer can seek compensation for the hitch costs and installation. Depending on the type of vehicle that you purchase, you may need a different type of trailer hitch. Figuring out the installation options and prices can help prevent you from paying extra out of pocket costs in the future.

Antenna Upgrades

Vehicle antennas are used for all types of media. When a vehicle only features basic radio, you may have paid for antenna upgrades that can include satellite radio or advanced connections. For example, you may have had a Wi-Fi internet antenna installed so you can use streaming music services or to access television shows. During a car accident, these antenna installations can easily get damaged. Get compensation for your antenna expenses along with any subscription fees that you are losing out on. For example, you may have been paying a monthly fee for satellite radio service. You may have lost multiple weeks of listening due to the damaged antenna. If this is the case, then a lawyer can seek compensation for those lost and fees and costs. The settlement amount can help go towards new service plans and monthly fees in a different vehicle.

Seeing the bigger picture in your car accident case can make a big difference on the final settlement. Working with an experienced lawyer is the first step in building your case and covering all of the bases. Contact a firm like Law Offices of Burton J. Hass for more information.