Don’t Drive Here! 4 Cities With The Worst Drivers & Scariest Accidents

Some cities in the United States seem to be packed with terrible drivers. The cities were chosen by averaging out how often each driver becomes involved in a car accident. Here are 4 of the U.S. cities with the worst drivers, and some of the craziest accidents that have happened in these cities.

1.Worcester, Massachusetts

The most dangerous city to drive in is Worcester, Massachusetts. The city is ranked with the worst drivers, who are involved in an accident every 4.3 years.

In July of 2014, a car rolled over on Route 190. The vehicle landed on its roof and was left hanging over the overpass railing. Witnesses were terrified that the vehicle was going to fall over on the freeway below. The driver and two other adult passengers were all taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the youngest of the three, 28-year-old Brian Pedone, died in the hospital that evening.

A local café named Wholly Cannoli had a terrible surprise on the morning of May 22, 2014. When a pickup truck drove into a stopped Fed Ex truck, it bounced back into another pickup, and then went through Wholly Cannoli's patio window. Two of the drivers had to go to the hospital to seek medical attention.

2.Providence, Rhode Island

Another city full of terrible drivers is Providence, Rhode Island. The residents of Rhode Island's capital get into an accident every 5.4 years.

Three men in their early 20's were driving in North Providence on June 19, 2014. Reports on what caused the crash never surfaced, but the car hit a telephone pull at such a high speed, the vehicle completely split in half. The driver and the other front seat passenger went to the hospital in serious condition. The passenger in the backseat died on the scene.

3.Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is known for being the largest city in Maryland and its rising crime. Now it's also known for having some of the worst drivers in the United States. Drivers in Baltimore are in an auto accident every 5.4 years.

On January 2, 2015, a 33-year-old man named Rupert Tawan Nick was driving on Shady Side Rd in Baltimore when he caused a fatal accident. The man had been drinking excessively before getting behind the wheel. Nick didn't notice that the road went into a curve, and he kept going straight right off of the road. He drove into several trees before finally slamming into a telephone pole. Anne Arundel Fire Department declared Nick dead on the scene.

On the night of November 18, 2014, a Ford Explorer managed to drive right into the cafeteria at Sparrows Point High School. The vehicle reportedly rear ended another vehicle, but kept going and went right into the high school before flipping.

4.Alexandria, Virginia

More than 150,000 people reside in Alexandria, Virginia. The drivers out of that population are some of the worst in the country. They get in a car accident every 5.9 years.

Steve Carbajal Fuentes died on December 29, 2014 in a fatal accident. His friend who was driving the vehicle claims that he swerved when a deer ran out in front of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the car hit a telephone pole instead. While the driver only sustained minor injuries, Fuentes died upon impact. Police are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

October 6, 2013 was a bad morning for car accidents in Alexandria. In seven separate accidents, four people died. One of the fatal accidents involved a car colliding with a motorcycle. Both people riding the motorcycle died at the hospital. Another accident involved a Ford Explorer that was driving too fast to go around a curve. It hit a tree, caught fire, and both passengers were killed. Another fatal crash occurred when a vehicle hit a train bridge support killing two passengers.

These 4 cities have some awful drivers that have become involved in some crazy accidents. However, accidents like these happen all over the United States. If you become the victim of car accident, you should hire a lawyer so you can get more info on ways to file a proper claim for your injuries.