The Invaluable Assistance Of A Legal Advisor When Seeking Justice After Slipping Or Tripping On A Stairway

Stairways enable you to access buildings, subways, and sidewalks easily. Unfortunately, you can slip or trip when using the stairs, which might lead to serious bodily harm. If this happens, you might have a right to take legal action against the parties in charge of the stairway. This can enable you to get financial benefits to receive treatment and manage your condition until you recover fully. However, proving these claims and getting a favorable settlement can be challenging, which is why it may be advisable to work with a lawyer when seeking justice. The personal injury law attorney will likely take the following measures to assist you:

They Will Get Evidence to Prove That the Stairway Was Unsafe 

Stairways must be safe for use, so you can take legal action after sustaining injuries when using a faulty one. However, you must prove certain facts to get compensated. For instance, you must establish that the stairs were hazardous and posed a risk to the people using them. Examples of hazards include a loose screw or ice buildup. You must also prove that the stairway owner or manager knew about the hazard but did not take action to fix it. A lawyer dealing with slip-and-fall incidents can help you get evidence to prove these aspects. These will ensure that the offenders face justice and compensate you for your losses.

They Will Identify the Wrongdoers

The person or organization that owns the stairway should take primary responsibility if you suffer harm. However, other parties may be responsible for your accident, including those who designed the stairway. For example, you can hold the designer accountable for failing to consider anti-slip measures when designing the stairs. They may also be liable if the stairs are too deep or too shallow. The designer's mistakes could also include designing an overly narrow stairway.

Professionals responsible for repairing the stairway may also be liable for your damages. This may be the case if they fail to fix a problem properly. For instance, they might fail to secure a fastener correctly. In any case, your attorney will investigate your accident and identify the wrongdoers responsible for your injuries. They will then take the necessary measures to hold them responsible.

Seeking compensation for injuries suffered after slipping or tripping in a stairway can be difficult. This is especially so if the insurer holds you accountable for the accident in an effort to avoid compensating you. A personal injury attorney can be invaluable in fighting for you in such circumstances. They will gather proof to support your case and help you get redress.

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